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Diversity has an important place in the workplace.

Employment for Individuals with ASD

Job-Seeker opening doorAre you a person who is seriously motivated to work but has had trouble figuring out what you want to do?  We are here to help! 

The Learning Academy Employment Services can offer you the chance to learn more about your dreams, vision for your future, skills and interests. We will then work with you to identify a career where you can use your talents and become an asset to a business while also feeling happy and satisfied to go to work each day. 

Once you have decided on your career path, we will work together on preparing a resume that showcases your gifts, helping you market yourself through learning interviewing skills, and connecting you to potential employers. 

When hired, we will work with you and your new supervisor to get you settled into the job, and continue to monitor your progress over the first year on the job. If The Learning Academy Employment Services sounds like something you believe will help you, please contact us to get started.


CARD staff sit at meeting table.The Learning Academy Employment Services can assist employers to find and develop the right people for the job while building a diverse and sustainable workforce within your business. 

Turn-over is very expensive, from hiring time to re-training to supervising new employees. Our goal is to minimize these costs by connecting businesses to reliable, dedicated employees who are seeking long term employment. We will work with you to identify the position requirements, match a person with the qualities you are seeking, assist in the hiring and training process as needed, and be available to consult on a regular basis to maximize successful outcomes. We provide all this at no cost to the employer.

If your business is looking for quality employees that will give you a competitive edge, contact the Learning Academy Employment Services today to learn more!

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